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Logistics from planning to implementation

Swanline is an independent logistics operator. We plan and execute terminal, warehouse, dispatch and transport services for retail and industry. The services we offer are defined in cooperation with each of our customer, all special needs considered.

Swanline operates in Finland and the Baltic countries. Together with our partners we offer a full coverage logistics network also to other Nordic countries and Poland. We have offices and operative sites in Liminka, Vantaa, Tampere and Tallinn regions and our head office is located in Oulu.

Swanline Oy is a part of the Nisula ja Seppälä Oy group. The group has two subsidiaries which are responsible for the sales and operations, Swanline Oy in Finland and Swanline OÜ in The Baltics.

Cooperation with us means:


Outsourcing requires significant trust from both sides of the agreement. We have constant, ongoing and open dialogue with our partners which aims to add value to all parts of the supply chain.

Realtime KPIs of quality and expenses

We want to be best with what we do, that is why we also measure what we do. This way we are able to focus on what is relevant to the business.


Logistics as a branch is prone to changes. One of our principles is to be able to offer flexible solutions to all kinds of changes in operation. The pricings we offer are also flexible: we can offer price per unit, piece, mass or whichever pricing model you should prefer.

Enthusiastic and efficient service

We see challenges and problems as possibilities to develop ourselves.

From wellness to productivity

We like to think that the well-being of our employees is one of the cornerstones of our business. Our personnel is the most important resource and wellness is created together with our staff. Swanline also supports and assists employees’ enthusiasm to educate themselves further.

Knowing our customers’ processes is a key part of Swanline’s business model which also requires our staff to maintain a high level of knowledge and know-how. This way we ensure that we work and operate according to the company values. Our processes have been polished throughout the company’s 50-year-old history and their development continues to this day.

The company values

Swanline as an employer

The employees of Swanline


Oulu office

Swanline Oy
Sepänkatu 20
90100 Oulu

Liminka terminal

Tuposkorva 8
FI-91910 Tupos

Terminal management
Tel. +358 40 486 0001

Terminal supervisor
Puh. +358 44 777 6011

Lempäälä terminal

Rajamäentie 4
FI-37570 Lempäälä

Terminal management
Tel. +358 40 486 0002

Terminal supervisor
Tel. +358 50 395 2068


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