Swanline - Logistics Services

from planning to implementation



Logistics services from coordination to implementation

Swanline Oy (ltd) is an independent logistics operator. We coordinate and implement logistics services for the needs of wholesale, industry, terminal- and warehouse logistics. The services provided are always defined together with the customer, special needs considered.

Swanline Oy is a part of Nisula ja Seppälä Oy group. The group has two subsidiaries that provide the operations and sell the services; Swanline Oy and Swanline Oü. Swanline Oy operates in Finland and Nordic countries, Swanline Oü in Baltic region. Together with our partners we offer a full coverage logistics network in Finland. Our head office is in Oulu. We also have offices in Helsinki and Tallinn (Estonia). We have operative sites in Vantaa, Tampere and Oulu regions.

Our turnover in 2016 was approx. 8 M€ and our own personnel totaled 110 people.